Atok Wan jarang buat biskut keju sebab susah nak cari the right butter for she claims that ONLY Golden Churn Canned Butter (yang dalam tin) saja yang layak untuk buat biskut ni. Sebab kalau butter yang lain nanti the dough jadi leyak (spread too much) bila dibakar.

I think Atok Wan has a point sebab hampir semua resipi biskut keju Indonesia (Kaastengel) guna a mixture of butter and margerine to avoid the dough from spreading out. The one person who uses butter exclusively for her Kaastengel, BakeforHappyKids, used canned butter — perhaps the high salt content prevents the dough from spreading out. She further explains that there is no fat difference between normal butter and canned butter, just that canned butter is heavily salted which is why it has a long expiry date and does not need refrigeration.

Which brings me to another point, kitorang tak berapa gemar sangat makan biskut cheese sebab we prefer our cookies to be sweet than salty. Dah lah cheese memang masin, tambah pulak butter yang masin, jadi super masin lah jadinya. Nope, margerine isn’t even an option. Not only does it lack that rich buttery taste, it emits funky oily aftertaste and contains trans fat — so unhealthy!

But then again if you look at Tok Wan’s recipe above, I feel like she altered the amount of flour from 10 to 12 oz. I can’t ask her now but I wonder if she modified it so that she can use unsalted butter? Or maybe she was just trying to fix her typo. No one can tell.

In most Indonesian Kaastengel’s recipes, the Cheese:Fat (butter&margerine):Flour ratio is 2:3:4 whereas Tok Wan’s is 4:3:6. If we leave out the cheese in Atok Wan’s recipe, basically the Fat: Flour ratio is 1:2 — a big margin of difference compared to Indonesian Kaastengel. Even bigger if you compare it with Western Cheese Cookies which are almost always 1:1:1.

Good news is that I found two websites online, BBC Good Food and Bear Naked Food, which use the same Fat:Flour ratio as Tok Wan,  The only difference is that Atok Wan uses slightly more cheese than the other two. BBC Good Food use almost the same method as Atok Wan except their recipe calls for adding the flour last whereas in Atok Wan’s, the cheese is added last.

Thankfully, Bear Naked Food uses the EXACT same method like in Atok Wan’s recipe so I am quite confident that Atok Wan’s recipe will yield a satisfactory result, especially since Bear Naked Food posts beautiful pictures of her Savoury Crispy Cheese Cookies. She also posts equally gorgeous pictures of her step-by-step instruction so I recommend checking out her website if you want to try Atok Wan’s recipe.

The final question is how long should you bake the cheese cookies? My preference is to follow Bear Naked Food and BakeforHappyKids who bake their cheese cookies at 150 Celcius for 20 minutes. Cheese burns easily and I think that leaving them in high heat even for a short period of time could ruin the cookies and since they are made with expensive ingredients, it’ll be such a waste if they are burnt.

Unlike Indonesian Kaastengel which uses Dutch cheese (Edam or Gouda), Atok Wan makes her cookies with uber-popular ubiquitous British cheese, Cheddar, as it is the easiest to find in Malaysia.

You know what I’m going to test my theory that with this recipe, using paper-packed unsalted butter would not cause the cookies to expand so much in the oven. I shall post the result soon!

2 kuning telur (1 untuk sapu)
6 oz (170g) mentega sejuk
8 oz (226g) keju Cheddar
12 oz (340g) tepung gandum
1 sudu teh baking powder (not necessary)
1 sudu besar gula halus (boleh ganti dengan 1 camca teh pepper, paprika atau cayenne pepper)
Badam untuk hiasan (optional)

Caranya (ikut Atok Wan dan Bear Naked Food):
1. Gaul tepung bersama gula (atau pepper). Masukkan mentega dan ramas sampai tekstur jadi macam breadcrumbs.
2. Masukkan kuning telor, uli sampai jadi doh.
3. Kemudian masukkan keju dan gaul hingga rata.
4. Kemudian roll kan doh atas permukaan bertepung sehingga menjadi setebal 5-8mm dan potong. Sapukan kuning telor di atas setiap permukaan biskut dan letakkan badam.
5. Bakar dalam ketuhar 150 Celcius selama 20 minit.