Masa saya kecil (below 6 years), Atok Wan selalu buat sponge cakes for birthdays and just for fun, really. I think it’s because Atok Atan suka makan sponge cakes, especially Swiss roll. I remember eating Swiss roll almost every other week when I was young. This particular cake is called a sandwich cake as there’s a layer of buttercream between two cakes.

Sponge cakes seemed to go out of favour with the young crowd in the late 90s and 2000s but it’s coming back now. I see a lot of  Victorian Cakes in hipster bake shops nowadays.

For a more chocolatey taste, do add another table spoon of cocoa powder or omit it altogether for a plain vanilla cake. The closest recipe to Atok Wan’s Chocolate Sandwich Cake can be found on BBC Good Food except it’s plain vanilla and use less milk. It also uses self-raising flour which eliminates the use of baking powder.

The recipe in BBC Good Food calls for half the milk in Atok Wan’s recipe, so naturally they use less flour as well. So if you don’t have much milk or flour, you may alter the recipe from 1/4 cup milk (2 oz) to 2 Tablespoons (1 oz) and from 10 oz of flour to 8 oz.

Kalau tak nak pakai susu langsung pun boleh. The recipe for Mary Berry’s Perfect Victoria Sandwich is almost the same as BBC Good Food and Atok Wan’s but without milk.

During Atok Wan’s time in the 60s, fresh milk must’ve been expensive so most of her recipes use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk. But when I was growing up (in the 80s and early 90s), we drink Goodday Fresh Milk everyday so Atok Wan sometimes use fresh milk instead of evaporated milk in her baking then.

8 Oz (226g) butter
8 Oz (226g) gula
10 Oz (283g) tepung gandum
4 telur ayam
1 Oz (28g) cocoa
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 (2 oz/ 60ml) cawan susu cair (evaporated milk) *can be substituted with fresh milk

Buttercream Icing

1. Kacau gula dengan butter hingga kembang.
2. Dalam mangkuk yang lain, pukul telur hingga kembang. Masukkan sedikit-sedikit dalam adunan mentega.
3. Dalam mangkuk yang lain, gaul tepung, cocoa dan baking powder dan ayakkan kesemua bersama-sama.
4. Kemudian masukkan tepung, vanilla dan susu cair berganti-ganti dan sedikit demi sedikit dalam adunan mentega dan telur, kacau rata.
5. Bahagikan adunan secara sama rata ke dalam dua bekas 8 inci yang telah digris dan di alas dengan parchment paper. (Atau masuk dalam satu bekas 9 inci dan dipotong dua selepas dibakar).
6. Bakar dalam ketuhar 170 Celcius selama 20-25 minit. Jangan buka pintu ketuhar selama 20 minit, kalau tidak kek akan bantut. Lepas 20 minit, tengok-tengokkan kek. Jika tepi kek dah termasuk ke dalam maknanya kek dah masak. 
6. Keluarkan kek dari ketuhar dan biarkan ia sejuk selama 5 minit dalam loyang sebelum dikeluarkan. Lepas dikeluarkan pastikan ia telah betul-betul sejuk sebelum diletakkan buttercream filling. 
7. Untuk letak buttercream, terbalikkan satu kek dan sapukan buttercream, ambil satu lagi kek dan tekapkan di atas kek yang telah disapu buttercream.

*Perkataan italic tidak termasuk dalam resipi. Hanya ditambah untuk melengkapkan resipi.